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Think Twice about Climate Change, Create awareness by City Tech Blogger Rabea Begum

Scientist saying there could be a more outrageous wildfire season like California had in this year. They are assuming this fire is because of climate change. Every year higher temperatures and more precipitation creates more variances then the previous year. It is making a difference between drought years and famine years. Those reason are increasing the chance of wildfires in California. After five years of drought, however, last winter saw very wet weather in California; on the other hand, this summer and fall was very dry. This result was a fire that impacted Santa Rosa and other communities. According to Alex Hall, a climate scientist at the University of California, “Los Angeles for fires, sequencing is really important.” He said, “we cannot surely say that those happened in California are responsible for climate change, but so far, from those disasters we can say that it has similarity with climate change scheme.  Dr. Williams, was saying that, “it is too early to know if climate change is directly responsible for all of these conditions in California over the past several years”. In his studies, he found that “human-induced global warming contributed to the drought that gripped the California state beginning in 2012.” This year California did not get rain yet, usually around October rains come and prevent those fire threat. Climate forecast is suggesting that there would be less rain in the fall, but in December and January California would get more rain. It’s like here would be no surprise, if California gets more wildfire. That means October would be riskier month for California. Carbon di oxide other greenhouse gases emissions are increasing the temperature; makes fires more easily. Warmer air makes the soil very dry and there would be less vegetation too. Since 1895, California temperature increased by 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Some places of California average temperature increase even more than that. Scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and other institutions, argues that “loss of sea ice at the pole may be affecting atmospheric circulation and blocking winter storms from reaching the state.” Dr. Williams, a climate scientist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, suggested another reason saying that more urban populations are adding the heat on those regions. For this California fires are getting worse. We can see that there is less clouds during the summer, and those clouds are more important for vegetation and the shade the trees. We can conclude that human actions are responsible for many wildfires. We should be more careful about actions we take. We also can educate people to be more aware and, in turn, we have to raise our awareness and our voice to protect our world. We should discuss these issues about climate change and how people can they become a part of climate change issue. It is important for us. We should notify our leaders about our concerns. Congress should know that there are many actions our leader can take to protect us.

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