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Children, Future of a Country, Whole World, Should Not Let the Disaster Spoil Our Golden Future by City Tech Blogger Rabea Begum

When we were more focusing on Texas and Louisiana, another water-motivated disaster happened in villages like Natore throughout Bangladesh and some portions of Nepal and India. According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) there are 1,200 people who died and more than 41 million people have been harmed for flooding in June. In Bangladesh, this year at least 45 villages submerged due to flood water. Farmers are in worse position. The flood took away At least 1.7 k core fish from the 35-fish farm. Most of the fish farmer take loans from other. And they return those money after they sell those fish. Sometimes they finance their house or land to get those loans. If they cannot return the money on time, they lose their property. Uttar bongo is a district is always face this problem. According to The IFRC this flooding is the worst flood for Bangladesh in 40 years. 700,000 homes have been impacted. Not only the home, farmland were badly impacted, but there was widespread starving, and education was also hampered by this flood. Schools cannot operate in these conditions. In Natore, district by Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha, a nonprofit organization in Bangladesh started a floating school that school are operating 20 free schools in boat. In Bangladesh, every year flooding affected hundreds of thousands of students. Some area roads are very risky to travel on from June to October because they are slippery due to rain and flood water and some parents don’t want to send  their children to school. However, the boat travels one place to another to pick up the students at a certain time, they teach them and then they go to another place. At least in this district students are getting facilities but other villages they have none. Some of the families  cannot even offer food to their children because the flood took everything.




Obviously, the boat school is a good step because it is hard to bring students back in school when a disaster happens, so it is really an appreciable job done by the nonprofit organization. But I am really concerned about those students’ higher education. Boat school only offer primary level of education. Those kids are not getting every facility of  a school they could get in land especially a playground. Children are the future of a country and it’s bad when we cannot give them enough opportunities to grow. How we could get better service from them? If we bring the example of a building, we can see that foundation of a building is more important than the outside or inside beauty. An example: a man told the engineer to plan a beautiful building, he wanted his building shiny, he explained how his building window, door, outside and inside look should be but he did not say anything about foundation. So, the engineer planned for a really unique building and the building is really beautiful. The man was so happy, but after one month the building collapsed and the man came to engineer and asked about the foundation of the building. The engineer replied “you said nothing about the building foundation and with your budget I could not propose a strong foundation.” By linking to this story, we can see that having a strong foundation in education to let our children grow is essential.   How else can we expect a more knowledgeable future generation? Today’s children are our future leaders of the world which is why we have to work together now, to make our world better for our future.

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  1. I love the fact this is bringing awareness and notifying others of those third world countries that are always over looked by so many people. Due to media many countries around the world are left behind and forgotten about, you’d be surprised by how blinded society has become from depending on media and what is virtually fed to them through their phones or televisions. Instead of always putting an eye on big cities that hold a power of income or voting rights, the media should inform and focus on those small countries that need more help than big cities in the U.S. My parents come from a small country in the Caribbean and I have had the opportunity to visit and experience what it is like to live a day in these people’s lives, traveling miles to try and find fertile land to plant your crop and produce because everything they had where they live is now gone, the trouble of trying to survive and live off what you can find is unjust and unfair, no one should have to live in such conditions. There are so many countries around the world that need so much of our help and us as Americans don’t know how blessed we are to live in such an advanced country where we have more than what we need and we’ve become ungrateful. We as a people should form more organizations to help those in need and continue to raise awareness and make a change.

    1. thanks so much for sharing not only your point of view, but your experience of life in a small, Caribbean country. It sounds harsh and unfair.

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