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Deforestation by City Tech Blogger Wen Yong Huang 

Forests plays an important role in the world’s nature. It provides fresh air to people, regulates the climate which cools down the heat of the Earth, and enrich the soil and many other more advantages to the planet. Yet, even though many people know that forests bring good to us, but human activities are hurting this wonderful gift around the world. Deforestation became a huge issue to everyone. For instance, agriculture of Slash-and-burn brings fires spread through the forest destroys the protective canopy that leads to dry land. Raising Cattle for food production by deforestation, as well as logging for paper products housing sprawls etc.

The graph shows that Brazil has the greatest amount of deforestation between 1990-2005 in Figure 1. As you can see, this is not only one country that is being deforested. Therefore, human activates causes sorrow stories to the life of trees, temperature had been significantly increasing and the loss of biodiversity. Furthermore, it eliminates the amount of transpiration and the precipitation will also decrease. Natural resources like soil would be ruined due to such damage.

What we can do about for this issue is to create restoration activities for the lands to plant more trees. By doing so, we can also lift the economy because farmers have rich soil to raise crops and the other problems causes by deforestation will eventually become better.

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  1. Wen, while I agree that planting more trees is essential in the deforestation dilemma, I believe stopping the demolishment of the trees in the first place should be a priority. I understand this task is difficult and like you said the world in which we live and the human activities we do are the primary cause of deforestation. It is important to note that the World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility is working to ensure countries around the world limit their carbon emissions and deforestation. With a solid partnership between governments, businesses, civil societies, and Indigenous Peoples they are on the right step to reducing the amount of trees being destroyed and the associated effects.

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