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Mother Nature Won’t Stop Hurricane Nate by CityTech blogger Angel Orellana

Photo Credit: https://earth.nullschool.net/

After Hurricane Irma and Harvey caused massive destruction, another tropical storm named Nate is already approaching the Gulf Coast. Nate has caused deadly flooding in Nicaragua and Honduras. There is a possibility that it might hit coastal Louisiana to the Gulf Coast of Florida. After it caused destruction in Nicaragua and Honduras, it will move on to the northeast where an expansive area of high pressure is across the western Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center announcement for Gulf Coast residents reads: “Nate is forecast to reach the northern Gulf Coast this weekend as a hurricane, and the threat of direct impacts from wind, storm surge, and heavy rainfall is increasing.” If a hurricane does not occur, then another problem becomes the tropical storm. A tropical storm causes flooding and could mean the loss of lives and destruction of property. Losing property could affect residents economically. It could also affect them socially because they will see themselves with no livelihood, and may have lost loved ones. If Nate causes destruction, then we as people should help them by giving water and food so they feel that others care for them.

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  1. It is heartbreaking that natural disasters can cause huge destruction to properties as well as to the valuable lives of people. I believe that meteorology plays a critical role on the Earth and can help to form a precaution against these natural disasters. Because of the serious consequences natural disasters can have for the community we should look out for one another and try to stay safe to the best of our knowledge.

  2. It is important to note, that we should consider that impact hurricanes have on the 1st world and 3rd world countries. With the data gathered now, we can see that both hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused about $150 billion in damage in the USA. The majority of the damages occurred between Texas and Florida. It created the same amount of damage to that of hurricane Katrina in 2005. Even with all this damage done in Texas and Florida, it is expected that everything should be rebuilt by the end of 2018. This demonstrates the power of a first world country has to rebuild after a huge disaster, unlike the considerably less power and ability of 3rd world countries to rebuild; countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras and Puerto Rico experience.

    Puerto Rico has now finally received electricity after 1 year after the devastating Hurricane Maria. Now they can communicate with their loved ones to say they are safe and alive. According to Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, they state that with electricity coming back they can focus on rebuilding hospitals, airports, sewer and water pumping stations and banking centers. However, civilians like Jose Saldana Jr. claims that the local people have yet to see power restored to their homes and businesses – which demonstrates that Puerto Rico is far from finally rebuilding to the great country they are. They are yet to estimate a time that they will finally rebuild. The more time the rest of Puerto Rico goes without electricity, the more harm and dangerous their environment will be, since they have no hospitals or communications to help the local people. As the USA talks about when they should be done rebuilding, countries like Puerto Rico are just finally getting a source of power to start rebuilding.

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