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Coincidence, Prediction or War? What is going on that we don’t know? by CITI-tech blogger Sergio Carrillo

Photo Credit: Rebecca Blackwell / AP

Lately, Mexico has been shaken by several earthquakes in a row. These earthquakes started on September 7, 2017. One occurred with a magnitude of 8.2 killing hundreds of people. This was followed by another earthquake on September 19, with a magnitude of 7.2 causing infrastructure damage, and costing hundreds of lives. The devastation was continued with a 6.2 magnitude earthquake on Saturday September 23, 2017. A catastrophic event happened exactly 32 years ago, first with an earthquake with magnitude of 8.0 in September 19, 1985. These have been the most devastating earthquakes in recorded history, killing thousands of people and collapsing many buildings in the city of Mexico. Finally, followed by two foreshocks, one the next day with a magnitude of 7.5 and the other one seven months later with a magnitude of 7.0.


According to this data can we predict an event and be prepared? Is it a coincidence that an earthquake happens the same day 32 years after, or is something else is going on and we don’t know about it? Can climate change be an impact? What are countries like the United States of America doing to fight these events?

I personally think that is time for all of us to be careful on choices we make, like: who we want to represent us around the world and to be more cautious with mother nature. We can start bad events involving mother nature but I strongly believe that we are not capable of stopping natural disasters like these.

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