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Climate Change Has Aleady Harmed Almost Half of All Mammals by City-Tech Blogger Dave

The article I found this week is about how climate change affects endangered animal species. The effect of climate change on endangered species of animals has been underestimated. A study has found that climate change has a bad effect on mammals and birds on the endangered species list. Nearly 700 species of animals on the “red list” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature are affected by the warming of the planet. These are due to the unstable and changing climates in which these animals live. According to the study, climate change is a major threat to many species of animals on Earth. Currently, only about 7 percent of mammals and 4 percent of birds on the endangered species list are being threatened by climate change. But researchers now say that the list is now getting broader and animals on every continent are being affected. The animals that are being affected by climate change are ones that breed more slowly and who live in a tropical climate. They are less able to adapt to the quickly changing environment in which they live.

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