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Birds Adjust to Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Dave Persaud

Growing up in the tropics of Guyana I’ve always been around all types of farm and wild animals. Once I moved to New York a couple years ago, I only saw birds, some pets, and animals at the zoo. I did not pay much mind because in the city there is no room for wild animals to live. However, at my job I started seeing something very out of place. I work in construction, mostly outside on high rise buildings. I saw a falcon which stopped by on the 60th floor to rest. It came occasionally and stopped here and there for the past week. When I found out about my physics project, I decided to do it on the effect climate change has on birds.

In the article by USAToday I found that nearly 75% of the birds in North America could be at serious risk due to climate change. Using computer models, the authors of a report conducted by the Audubon Society found that: “For 28 species, projections suggest that their climatically suitable range disappears entirely under climate change.” The article detailing the report also stated that the livelihood of the remaining birds in North America would depend on the bird’s “ability to colonize climatically suitable areas outside of current ranges and management actions that target climate adaptation.” The article did not state how we could help with this problem but I will try to find more about aiding these birds now that I know to participate in this issue.

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