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Climate Related Disasters: Future Challenges by City Tech Blogger Hussein Alnomani

Climate disasters are rising on a noticeable scale. Now about 70 percent of the weather related l disasters are due to climate change.

These continuing disasters are costing more money and lives. In the last decade 2.4 billion people were affected by climate related disasters and hazards, compared to 1.7 billion in the decade before. I know the human population is increasing also but the difference in percentages makes the human population increasing not in counts. The cost of responding to disaster has risen ten times between 1990 and 2008. These high costs are fast draining financial systems and monetary funds. The extreme events in the future will need even more resources to assist and respond to disasters.

Over the next twenty years, we can expect more intense and dramatic climatic hazards everywhere, especially for people who live in coastal areas or areas vulnerable to droughts. The populations that have limited resources to respond or prepare for hazards will suffer the most.

We must respond and adapt quickly to these future challenges. I think we should start by addressing humanitarian actions first.

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