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Every Little Bit Helps by City-Tech blogger Hussein Alnomani

Recently, when I walked in the movie theater, there was a desk at the front who asked me for ten minutes of my time. They were representing a group of people who are trying to convince people to change their electricity source to a clean source.  I was curious to know more about it. I kept asking and they explained to me how ConEd is only responsible for delivering the power not producing it, and there are many energy sources that come from wind farms and solar farms, sources that were cleaner than coal, oil or nuclear power. Their statistics showed that if people of one city chose their source of energy from a clean source,  that will have significant effect on climate change. It occurred to me that no matter how small your input, you can make a difference. There are many ways to stop, or slow down climate change and I did some research on this. I would like to share the information with everyone reading this article.

Here are some very simple ways we can all take steps to slow global warming:

  1. Choosing renewable power: ask ConEd to switch your source to a clean one.
  2. Eat wisely: eat organic and locally grown food. Plus you can grow some of your own food.
  3. Trim your waste: the garbage that is buried produces gases that get trapped in the atmosphere and ultimately affect the climate.
  4. Protest to make polluters pay
  5. Get informed: always follow the news about what you can do and try to educate people around you.
  6. Green your commute: with new technologies there are many ways that you can limit producing harmful gases during your commute; one example is drive a gas/electric hybrid car. You can also car-pool with others which can both limit pollution and be joyful. Try walking and bicycling which benefits both health and climate.

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