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March 2016

Resilience in Urban Communities

There is a picture of houses built on stilts in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on the website for the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). This


Since climate change will undoubtedly affect the future of our children it’s important they learn as much as they can about the changing earth. One

New information on Sea Levels Rise

As sea levels rise the impacts are already being felt around the world. Because the phenomenon is widespread there has been a spate of news


Scientists say February was hotter than usual with average temperatures more than two degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal. February is the third month in a

Maya Express, Southern floods & Climate Change

A little used meteorological expression “Maya Express” describes the atmospheric river pushing up from the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico to the southern and central plains

Josh Fox film on Climate Change

If you are in or near the New York City suburb of Westchester, you can see Josh Fox’s new film, How to Let Go of