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Electric Cars: End-of-Year-Update

Electric car sales in 2015 didn’t break any records, probably because gasoline was so cheap. Perhaps this trend is encouraging EV car dealers to lower their price for their new line of electric cars.

In March, 2016 General Motors is unveiling the Bolt for $30,000 after incentives, touted as the first affordable long-range EV in the market. Tesla Motors will show prototypes for its Model 3 expected to cost $35,000 before incentives.  The Tesla Model 3 is boasting a range of 200 miles, but won’t be available before 2018. The Bolt promises the same range but is expected out much sooner than the Tesla and will be sold in all 50 states. GM’s all-electric Chevy Spark EV is only sold in a handful of states.

Inside EVs reports that last month, November, an estimated 10,568 plug-ins were sold. During November, 2014, about 9,646 plug-ins were sold. The 2016 Nissan LEAF were on the market during the last week of November in limited numbers. Overall, plug-in vehicles sales in the United States were about 20,000 less than 2014.  This year Tesla sold a total of 22,100, the Nissan LEAF: 15,922, Chevrolet Volt: 13,279 and the BMW 13, 9,602.


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