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March 2012

An eye on the sky for Texas

Thanks to its most intense drought in state history, John Nielsen-Gammon is well known in Texas.  Outside of Texas, few people know that he is

Transit use rose 2.31 percent in 2011

A 2.3% rise in public transportation ridership may not seem like much, but it is significant because most people can’t easily change their behavior when

Take the subway

Tom Friedman’s 3/3/12 New York Times column is about energy policy. He worries that “the poisonous debate” about climate change may preclude us from having

Sky actually falling, report scientists

Chicken Little is known for fluttering around in a panic because she believed, on scant evidence, that the sky was falling.  Now it turns out

Tornado Outbreak – March 2012

Last Friday, March 2, 2012, a large area of severe thunderstorms spawned strong tornadoes across the Ohio Valley and Southeast.  The storms were fatal, with