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April 2011

Midwest flooding

While some parts of the country have seen too little rainfall (see the post on the wildfires in Texas), parts of the Midwest have received

The Court and global warming

Eight states, including California and New York, are being heard by the Supreme Court for a case that began seven years ago. The plaintiffs are

Texas wildfires

Above normal temperatures, combined with below average rainfall, low humidity, and high winds, have lead to an active fire season in Texas.  Since the start

Solar on the water

Solar panels on roofs are common, but not on ponds. That may change. Several companies working on floating solar systems see a large potential global

Earth Day 2011 deals

Earth Day is this Friday, April 22nd, 2011. In this article from CNN, here is a list of deals you can take advantage of. GR

Tallying coal’s hidden cost

 A recent study by researchers at Harvard Medical School’s Center for Health and the Global Environment tried to quantify the true cost of coal.