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July 2010

Overcome by heat and inertia

Temperature records continue to fall across the country.  In Washington D.C., which experienced it’s warmest June on record, Senators are picking up the debate on

Indoor living and the global greenhouse

Here’s a novel approach to reducing man’s energy footprint and thereby limiting climate warming. Let’s hope, however, that Mumbai isn’t air conditioned anytime soon.

Who cooked the planet?

Paul Krugman of the New York Times asks why the climate bill died. His answer: few legitimate doubts about the science remain, and the scientists

Four ways to kill a climate bill

Writing in the New York Times, Lee Wasserman, the Rockefeller Family Fund head, ascribes failure of the cimate bill to four threads: focussing on green

Green myths debunked

Here are the last of the myths in the series from Fortune. We hope that you have enjoyed following the series and have learned more

The heat wave and the climate divide

Was the heat wave experienced by the east coast earlier this month the result of climate change? It’s impossible to say since climate change isn’t

A mammoth effect

There is general agreement among scientists that man has a role in global warming.  This impact began, if the research reported here is correct, not

Green myths debunked

Here is the next group in the series from Fortune. #16 and #18 – Offsetting carbon dioxide, Carbon offsets #17 – Global warming? #19 –

When the day after tomorrow has come

Geoengineering is the application of engineering on a global scale. Some want to use it to cool a warming climate, removing carbon from the atmosphere,

White House energy session changes no minds

President Obama invited 23 senators last Tuesday to the White House to discuss energy policy, to no effect. Democrats insisted on pricing greenhouse gas emissions;