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June 2010

A solar bulb may light the way

About two billion people have no steady supply of electric light. For light, they burn something, mostly kerosene, a dirty fuel. Now Nokero, a Hong

Green myths debunked

Another 2 myths from the Fortune series. Myth #14 – Thermostats Myth #15 – Heating

Deadly silence on carbon caps

President Obama pushed hard in his Oval Office speech for a strong energy and climate bill, but by soliciting ideas from all quarters he may

Green myths debunked

Continuing the series from Fortune, here are another 3 myths. Myth #11 – Plugged-in appliances Myth #12 – Jet fuel Myth #13 – Alternative energy

Green myths debunked

Another three myths in the series from Fortune. Myth #8 – Christmas Tree Myth #9 – Paper vs. plastic Myth #10 – Blue jeans

Solar cells: Coming to a window near you?

This CNN article reports that the Finnish Technology Academy has awarded its $960,000 Millennium Technology Prize to Swiss professor Michael Gratzel for his low-cost solar

Green myths debunked

Here are the next two myths from the series. Both myth #6 and myth #7 focus on lighting and light bulbs. All the myths we

Green myths debunked

Here are myths three, four, and five in the series. Myth #3 focuses on organic food. Myth #4 covers a surprise greenhouse gas. Myth #5