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May 2010

Are they paying attention?

The New York Times editorializes that the National Academy of Sciences reports just published offer persuasive evidence that putting off dealing with global climate warming

A battery that stores wind juice

Anyone for a wind battery? Several companies are working on it. The idea is to store wind energy during the night when electricity demand and

Obama and the oil spill

Tom Friedman in his New York Times column says that President Obama disappoints by failing to lead on energy. The Gulf oil spill gives Obama

Genetically engineered distortions

This New York TImes article is about mitigation. Genetically engineered crops face fierce opposition, yet have done a lot of good, and could do much

Climate change: Four futures

Here’s a novel way of looking at the future that doesn’t just apply to climate change. The four generic futures are (1) Continuation, (2) Collapse,

A bad bet on carbon

The climate bill just introduced includes $2 billion to make coal cleaner through carbon capture projects. In this New York Times article, Robert Bryce cites