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April 2010

Texas oil firms oppose California climate law

California’s 2006 climate law mandates reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15% in 2020, a local cap-and-trade system, more efficient buildings and trasportation, etc. In a

Alternatives to Indian Point

This Letter to the Editor of the New York Times praises the Time’s recent editorial on the denial of a water permit to Entergy’s Indian Point

Don’t think that cap-and-trade is over

This New York Times article says reports of the demise of cap-and-trade systems to price carbon are greatly exaggerated. Problems plaguing carbon trading include profiteering, tax

Study says U.S. waterways are warming

The first major analysis of streams and rivers in the U.S., has found that 20 major rivers are warming at 0.02-0.14 degrees per year. Urban

Showdown at Indian Point

A New York Times editorial approves of as a “very welcome decision” New York State’s ruling that the Indian Point nuclear plant violates the Clean

New York denies Indian Point a water permit

Nuclear energy, and particularly Entergy Corp., suffered another adverse ruling when New York denied the India Point plant a water permit because it kills so

Boost for U.S.-China clean energy research

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced $37.5 million to finance Chinese and American clean energy projects. The DOE funds will go to American reasearchers and

U.K. panel calls climate data valid

The first of three British investigations into the emails leaked in the so-called Climategate scandal exonerated the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit and

Koch Industries responds to Greenpeace

Koch Industries has responded to Greenpeace’s charge that it sponsors much climate skeptic research. It says that Greenpeace mischaracterized its efforts to advance economic freedom