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March 2010

E.P.A. delays plants’ pollution permits

The E.P.A. announced that it would not begin phasing in until next January a controverial requirement that power plants obtain permits to emit greenhouse gases.

Greenpeace takes aim at Koch Industries

Ever wonder who finances all those climate skeptics? A report just issued by Greenpeace, the activist environmental group, says it is Koch Industries. Who? Koch

Radioactive leak is fixed at Vermont plant

After two months’ repair, the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant can begin operating again. The state senate has ordered it closed for good in 2012. Reversal

Heat-toting ocean currents chugging along

Some scientists have worried that glacial melting could cool the warm Atlantic Ocean curents, causing them to slow, or even cease flowing. New evidence suggests

Audit Finds Vulnerability of EnergyStar Program

Most people are familiar with the EPA’s EnergyStar rating, which certifies that products save energy. However, a Congressional audit casts doubt on the rating’s reliability.

E.P.A. to seek more data on emissions

The E.P.A. has proposed adding the oil and gas industries to the 31 which already report their CO2 and methane emissions to the government. Reporting

New U.N. climate change group is all male

Big issues at Copenhagen were which poor nations would get how much money to mitigate the impact of climate change they didn’t cause. The composition