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January 2010

Wind power grows 39% for the year

Despite the economy, wind power in the US grew 39% in 2009, thanks mostly to the stimulus. The industry added 9,900 megawatts, about equal to

Less water vapor may slow warming trends

Carbon dioxide and methane are greenhouse gases (GHGs) that trap heat in the atmosphere, warming the climate. Water vapor is a GHG too. A new

The case for a climate bill

The New York TImes laid out The Case for a Climate Bill in a Jan. 24 editorial, disputing claims that health care will exhaust the

Feeling that cold? Here’s why.

As you shiver through one of the coldest and windiest winters in years, both in the US and Europe, you might think that global warming

Beyond Hades

Some scientists are asking what the Earth’s climate was like before it became the Earth.  Don’t laugh; they may seem to have too much time

Wanted: Green engineers

This article by Oliver Morton in The Economist stresses the human element of curbing greenhouse gas emissions.   Although technological breakthroughs will occur, and be