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Car crashes to please mother nature

Searching for another example of how people are responding to the climate crisis and starting to go green?

Here’s a hint, a remote might help. 

Believe it or not, even television series are starting to go green.  Fox’s hit, 24, is the first series to go green, as discussed in this article from the New York Times.  From hiring a consultant to measure the show’s carbon footprint to using renewable energy sources to power generators, Fox hopes that 24 will serve as an example for other series on all networks to follow.  Many of the changes the network has taken will go unnoticed by the viewer and maintaining the quality of the series is extremely important. In situations where continuing operations that produce high carbon emissions in necessary to keep the format of the show, such as car crashes and explosions, the network is purchasing carbon offsets. In addition to all these steps, stars from the show will be making announcements on you personally can go green.

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